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systers = system + sisters

Brand is a trust. A great brand starts with a definition of Brand Values. Generaly a visual identity translates the values into a visual language. A great visual language shows the values straight away.

With this projects I show the complex approach of understanding client's values a deep philosophical perception which reflects into a unique visual identity of systers.


tasks & hints:
Team Establishment
Research > Brand Values > Visual Identity
/Communication /Management /Delivery

The name systers = [sisters + system]. It is a project focusing on female biohacking, longevity and health optimization. Biohacking is a comprehensive approach in a person's relationship to health, performance and inner satisfaction. It combines the approach of ancient cultures and modern science.

The project in short:
*** creative collective coop. ***

understanding of values and goals   >   team (Jan Vítek, Romana Hnízdilová)   >   research & analysis   >   concept & ideation   >   design approval   >   visual principle definition   >   final ideation (+ Klára Opatřilová – creative advisory)   >   application & deliver
Research & Inspiration

Visual Elements



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Extension of the Visual
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