In this part you can find various industrial design projects.
Spin Headphones – 2012
The main aim for this product was to create a simple design of headphones with a strong focus on intuitive song and volume control so you could use it even during snowboarding with no need to put your glows off.
IconTainer – 2014​​​​​​​
An industrial design project during my studies in Salzburg. Under a supervision of Siegfried Ebner – senior designer for Porsche Design.
Bottle Opener – 2012
A project for Mars Svratka a.s. The product comes from waste metal sheets. The purpose of this product is a promotional item which should be a spotlight​ for every occasion. The inspiration is based on automotive design. You can see the influence of Porsche Design due to its smooth transitions and clean surfaces.
Redesign and production of a solar bench – 2016
Cooperation with Full Capacity. I was asked to redesign existing prototype to make it lighter, cheaper and easier to produce. Clients are cities, towns or companies. The solar system charges the battery inside which empowers wifi, air quality controller​ and wireless and USB charging.
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