Multinational Sport Event
Part 1: Complex Visual Identity
Part 2: Team Management (project: Jdi do hor)
The project in short
Mountain Challenge consists of a sport events in different countries which motivates people to go out of their comfort zone, accept a challenge and conquer 6 mountains in 3 months in a designed area. This project originally comes from Slovakia and is created by Marek Straka. The project also takes place in Austria, Poland and Czechia.

* Visual identity collaboration *
For project Mountain Challenge I invited my friend Michal Ondráček (brand designer) to join me for the creative process. Together we went through a deep research to the final design stage and applications of the visual.
Part 1
Multinational Visual Identity
complexity scan  –>  collaboration with a brand designer Michal Ondráček  –>  deep philosophical research & values  –>  ideation  –>   final design presentation  –>  corporate identity definition  –>  merchandise​​​​​​​
* Research & understanding in short *
* Main logos *
* Typography *
Through studding various maps searching for unique visual characteristics, we chose IBM Plex Mono Medium as a main typeface for the identity. This font gives unique bold visual appearance > challenge and it is monospace therefore it is very playful for applications.
* Visual *
>>> Website <<<
>>> A unique logotype system for a certain challenge & mountain <<<
>>> Medals <<<
>>> Merch <<<
Part 2
Entrepreneur – Jdi do hor (2nd part)​​​​​​​
team creation & role definition (HR)  –>  process design & strategy (target group, communication, milestones, goals)  –>  social media (content creation, community building, motivation, influencers)  –>  3,4k followers in 3 months and 1,1k attendees & over 500 finishers  –>  3,4k new trees planted  –> STOKE LEVEL – HIGH ;)​​​​​​​
Marek – founder of the idea – asked me to make an event in the Czech Republic. I browsed my network and I asked Adéla, Šimon and Štěpán for cooperation because of their fit and enthusiasm. We divided the roles based on our skills to deliver the best results and make the event a successful.

>>> Targeting small to mid-size influencers to grow <<<
Our goal was to address smaller and mid-size influencers to enthuse them about our project. To achieve this we sent them a video describing the project, what positive impact do we want to achieve and we asked them if they could help us to share the project.
>>> The main Messages <<<
>>> Video for the partners (czech language) <<<​​​​​​​
>>> Achievements after the first 3 months <<<
>>> Example of Infographic Instagram Carousel <<<
>>> Complex Tourist Guide <<<
We have created a complex tourist guide with designed tourist routes and tips for the participants.
>>> Excited Atendees <<<
>>> Together with participant we planted 7364 trees <<<
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