During traveling in New Zealand I was honoured to work on some interesting projects for various people. This one is a study/visual concept of a barrier-free elevator tower to access a house on the hill. It was necessary to take into account the location, surrounding and nature – as the house is located in Maori land which has special rules for the final architecture. Because the house is situated by trees and wild forest it has been decided to merge the design with nature as much as possible. The first concept blend into the nature and the inspiration comes from aerial roots.

The First Concept
challenge: a special Maori rules for architecture (nature connection)
inspiration: Aerial roots
concept: merge with nature
location: Piha, New Zealand
The Location
The house is located in a beautiful place called Piha. It is a little beach town in wild West Coast 45 minutes drive from Auckland – New Zealand. The town is surrounded by Waitakere Ranges and its deep wild forest. The house sits on the hill and is in the middle of the forest.
The Second Concept
After revision of the first concept by the owner of the house it was decided to take in account some technical issues. A roof with hidden rails and walking platform were added so the cleaner or repairman could secure himself with rope for a safe maintenance.  The second concept is more conventional but it keeps its uniqueness and it tastefully merge with the wild surroundings.
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