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Each beekeeper has problems with his/her beehives. Examples would be swarming bees or bee diseases. These things are natural problems and are really difficult to address but a first step towards prevention would be monitoring inside the beehives. If the bees are going to swarm they don’t create as much honey as usual for at least one month ahead of swarming. When they swarm they take most of bee workers with them and big amounts of honey. This situation results in smaller yield of honey. We could prevent this using our knowledge of bees and technology.​​​​​​​
Solution: listening to bees
Beehives create a specific sound depending on the situation and the activity of the beehive. By monitoring activity inside a beehive together with sound of beehive we could create an algorithm which could recognise what is going on inside a beehive by “listening”. The data would be sent to a phone via LoRa (Low Power Wide Area Network). Thanks to this you can have a complex control of your hives - activity, temperature, approximate number of bees in the hive, early disease warning.
Charged with sound of bees!
"The energy harvester, or nanogenerator, works using the piezoelectric property of zinc oxide."
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